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Power to Heal presents- 5 ways to manage your Anxiety for a happier life

Anxiety is a state of mind characterized by concern or dread that can range from minor to severe. Anxiety is a normal human emotion, and everyone experiences it at some time. Anxiety and nervousness are common responses to potentially stressful situations, such as taking a test, undergoing medical testing, or going for a job interview. Anxiety attacks are common, although it’s natural to feel anxious occasionally. However, those who suffer from anxiety disorders often experience overwhelming and uncontrollable anxiety about even the most routine of activities.

However, if anxiety is left untreated for a longer period of time, it can cause disastrous impact on one’s life. Anxiety and panic attacks are difficult to regulate, can linger for a long period, and don’t accurately reflect the real risk that people face. You could try to avoid certain places or activities if you’re worried about experiencing these emotions. It’s not uncommon for people to experience the onset of symptoms in their early teens or even younger.


When nervous, one’s mind might get stuck on worrying ideas for long periods of time. Mindfulness helps us refocus on the here and now and detach from any negative or distracting ideas that may be occupying our minds.

Meditation and awareness practices like mindfulness are gaining popularity as more individuals discover their many health benefits. To help you in your journey to cultivate a mindfulness practice, the internet abounds with useful information.


The ‘flight-or-fight’ reaction, which triggers anxiety’s physical symptoms, causes the body to release adrenaline and other stress hormones. When you work out, you release stress hormones and feel calmer. Exercising is another good method for controlling anxiety. Try to get some form of exercise into your schedule three or four times a week, and switch things around to keep things interesting. As counterintuitive as it may sound, sometimes getting away from the source of your anxiety is the greatest way to calm down. If you’re feeling anxious, it could help to take some time to just relax and focus on your body. A brief workout has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress.

Knowledge of Anxiety

The ancient saying that “knowledge is power” rings true here; becoming well-versed in anxiety is essential to getting better. In the classroom, students can learn about the physiology of the “flight-or-fight” reaction, the body’s natural defense mechanism against threats. In the case of those who suffer from anxiety disorders, this reaction is triggered unnecessarily by circumstances that provide little to no threat. Symptom management can be greatly assisted by education.

Educational opportunities and support groups

Anxiety sufferers often find solace and encouragement in the company of others who understand their condition at support groups. They offer a chance to meet new people while also learning more about anxiety.

Challenging with deep thought

By weighing the pros and cons of worried thoughts, one might “challenge” them. Weighing this information and recasting the concept as a more balanced assessment of the circumstance, free of worried projections, is the goal. Get a more well-rounded understanding of the topic at hand with the help of this worksheet full with challenging questions.

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