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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching or life coaching is a process aimed at helping you identify and accomplish your personal and professional goals. The process involves a partnership between you and a highly trained professional called a ‘Life Coach’. Your personal or professional goals can be anything. For instance, better interpersonal relationship, choosing the perfect industry and job, creating a work-life balance, better productivity, improving your confidence and self-esteem, weight loss goals, stress management, dealing with anxiety, public speaking mastery, etc. And if you seek to improve your spiritual or entrepreneurship journey, you need a personal coach. Ideally, personal coaches are passionate, great listeners, non-judgemental, curious, observant and honest. To help you achieve your life goals, your personal coach will adopt a three-step approach. They identify your goals, discover barriers that stop their accomplishment and come up with proven methods that beats each obstacle.

Personal training and self-development: who is suitable?

Personal coaching, as mentioned, provides help and guidance to people who are working properly, but who want to improve and enrich a certain aspect of their lives. Accordingly, personal coaching can assist with dissatisfaction with performance in specific areas that does not involve extensive damage to performance or severe psychological distress. However, personal coaching is not suitable for people who have significant functional difficulties, lack of interpersonal skills, mental disorders or significant difficulties in many aspects of life.
For example, personal coaching can help healthy people who find it difficult to expand their own business, but it is difficult to help someone who suffers from tantrums that destroy his relationship with his/her clients. Similarly, personal coaching and self-development can help couples who find it difficult to manage family affairs efficiently and harmoniously, but it is not able to help couples who are facing violence, intense marital fights, or the crisis caused by infidelity.