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Envy Is Weird:


Revealing that you struggle with this emotion won’t yield much sympathy.


Unless you’re discussing it with a close friend, we tend to judge someone who describes themselves as an envious person.


There’s something off-putting about it, and we often feel that it’s a problem you should keep to yourself.


The problem with envy isn’t that it comes up from time to time, but what it does to us when we don’t get a hold of it.


It can be frightening to experience what happens when we allow envy to overpower us or to shape the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us.


What Are The Harmful Effects Of Envy?


1. Self-Deception:


Envy is psychological, but even though it’s all a mind game, going over the top with envy can seriously alter the way you see yourself.


Envy can cause the act or an instance of deceiving oneself to make one feel better about their situation.


2. Envy can become a vicious cycle that interferes with your mental and physical health:


the cycle of retroactive jealousy


You’re jealous because you’re unhappy for some reason or another, and jealousy feeds off that unhappiness, creating even more unhappiness in the long run.


Jealousy can really harm our mental health because when we feel jealous, we only have negative conversations about ourselves and the world around us.


How To Rise Above Envy And Why?


1) When you see other people succeeding, instead of reacting to their success with envy, force yourself to be happy.  Always be grateful for the good in your life and in the lives of others.



How does this help you?

It will improve your work performance.

It will strengthen your professional relationships.

It will build your resilience.

It will motivate you to greatness.

It will make you a better manager.


Studies have shown that feeling appreciated at work is one of the biggest factors in employee satisfaction.


Hence, the one who can be happy for others would do a better job making people feel appreciated.


2) Learn from a rival’s positive points:


rivalry can be good if you let it


A little healthy competition can make you stronger.


It is easier to learn from the one you are not jealous of because you are looking at them with eyes that have prejudice.


This way, you can truly know your competition.  Knowing your competition well helps you:

  1. Understand specifically what your competitive advantages are.
  2. Understand the specifics of the marketplace where you hold that advantage.
  3. Target your efforts on that marketplace, which should increase your return on your marketing investment and increase your sales yield.
  4. Design your communications plan to maximize your advantages.

Knowing how to handle your jealousy in a healthy way is a top-tier skill, whether you have jealous tendencies in romantic relationships, friendships, or other situations.


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