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Health Coaching

Health coaching is based on evidence-based skillful conversation, therapeutic interventions and strategies that effectively and safely engage patients in changing their health behavior. A health coach is a supportive mentor who helps clients achieve their health goals and motivate them to feel their best through individual personal encouragement and help them choose healthy foods and lead a better lifestyle. Health coaches use motivational interviewing as a basic technique. The coach asks open-ended questions designed to help the client elicit his own reasons for change. As for the psychology of performance, it is a sub-section of psychology that is based on the examination of psychological factors that affect optimal human performance. It is commonly used in the field of sports in order to facilitate the development of skills and training, however, its effects and applications are by no means limited to this field only. Athletes, physicians, and company managers represent a small segment of the types of clients that performance psychologists assist.

Some of the common psychological skills that can help individuals improve their performance are:

Managing and managing stress: Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that help manage stress Increase focus: Visualizations, visualizations, and mental exercises are useful for those who need to enhance their focus. Setting goals: developing skills, setting dates for achieving the goal and developing strategies to achieve the goals We should turn to professionals when we face major issues with our healthy lifestyle, anxiety or lack of faith in ourselves. However, we must always remember that we should strive to improve the results we want to achieve for ourselves by adding some positivity to our daily life and making a realistic plan.