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This company has got a race for the next CEO. And as they decide who the next person to head the organization is, they want the person to lead them to be the best in human relationships. Because they believed that this meant that the company would head in the right direction if they had a driver that knew where the best path human empathy could plot.


How does this affect every one of us?


It affects us because we all would love to get ahead in life. We all would love to get a promotion, a raise, or the very least, better terms of work.


We’d all love to be the guy or gal everyone thinks about when they want a good job done.


Let’s all think about something. Is becoming that person everyone thinks about when they want a good job done all about the skills we have? It is likely not so.


We can all think about that one guy back in our high school that was a great student but was a difficult person to work with. We all know one person we would never recommend for a job, regardless of their skills.


This means that there is something more important than skill if you’re always going to keep getting that promotion, raise, or better working standard.


So how do you become that person that everybody loves?


We have three tips:


Be likable: use your voice.


The most common tips on being likable involve things along the lines of your overall visual appeal. Things like; smiling more, dressing well, using the right body language, and many more.


But I’d love to really write about the use of voice. The voice is a powerfully melodious tool that can change a person’s overall outlook. The way you sound can may you look more appealing.


It is not surprising to see people dress in the most vibrant outfit only to play a sad note with their voices, making people want to avoid them.


The best way to use your voice is in the form of the emotions you’d love to create in the other person. Want people to be happier with you as you interact? Speak happily.

Always Aim To Inspire All You Meet


Knowing how to inspire people is a key trait of anyone that people love. And why wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t you want to be around those who make you feel good? The answer is likely yes.


You always want to be thinking, “how can I make an impact in this person’s life?” How can I make them feel better? How can I increase the value they get to experience on that day? How can I give them — something they might never be able to give back to me?


It’s this kind of thinking that gets you to be the one who is loved by all.




Listen: pay attention to people.


It is easy to say, “pay more attention to people.” But in reality, you actually want to nurture a genuine curiosity for what happens in people’s minds. How their minds work, and what makes them tick.


As you indulge in this curiosity, you’d notice that it becomes easier just to sit and allow people to empty themselves into you. People really want to talk; they’d love your free and therapeutic presence.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to learn the techniques easily?



These techniques are easy to apply if we have a coach to guide us through the process and be there for us when we need them.


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