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Mrs Molly’s baby boy, Jerry, a kid of eleven years, had hardly left the house for a sleepover at a friend’s place when the phone rang. Mrs Molly hurried to the phone thinking and saying into the phone, “I hope he’s safe,” only to realize that it was a business call.


She had done a silly.


Stories like these are the norm of the kind of drama that plays out in the minds of many. People, trying to avoid the worst outcomes, do things that mess up the likely okay or even a great deal that they have going on.



Worry is our minds showing us possibilities, possibilities that could happen if a step in the right direction goes wrong. It is a self-preservation mechanism that served our ancestors well when they were hunter-gatherers and could die from the wrong step while hunting. However, this mechanism begins to lose value to the current human when the opportunities are:


  1. Asking for a raise in a job that is well deserved,
  2. Asking out a potential spouse that is the right fit for you,
  3. Make your brilliant ideas known to your boss who could implement them,
  4. Telling a friend that you are uncomfortable with some of their actions,


Worry is us painting a scenario that wouldn’t likely occur and magnifying it until it seems like the only possible outcome.


So how do we handle worry and curb its effects on our minds? We have all most likely heard of techniques such as breathing in deeply, doing yoga and other forms of exercise, and meditation (the kind of emptying your mind). But these are just short-term fixes that calm you down only for a short while and might not enable you to take a step in the direction that you want to.


Yet, there are 3 ways that we at PowerToHeal, have discovered work:




Imagine that you were the kind of person who could realize what their emotions were saying and effectively act, note, not react, in such a way that always brings control back to you, the actual owner of the body and mind.


This is what it means to be self-aware. To be a person who is capable of responding to all situations in a balanced way is to be a person who can recognise their emotions for what they actually are. So how do get here, to this point?


Well, practice. Starting with the littlest things in your life that cause you to worry and gaining mastery in those before moving on to the BIG STUFF.





One thing we have come to realize is that a majority of our worries and fears and based on gross assumptions. We don’t really have the facts about the matter. I mean think about it this way:


Does the boss yell at the previous person who asked for a raise really mean he’d be upset with you as well? What if the person just came at a bad time?


This is why it is important to find out the things that are real facts before letting your imaginations run wild in the negative direction. The same applies to looking at the positive side of things. You really want the facts about things.





Do you work every day of the week? Are working even when you’re meant to be home resting? Are you working more often than you should be? If yes, you might be in need of more rest.


High levels of mental and physical stress have been shown to make a person more prone to anxiety, even as a disorder.


It might sound too simple to be true but perhaps, your greatest need might be a CHILL PILL.


Employ these three techniques and watch how things change around you and you become a better version of yourself.


These techniques are easy to apply if we have a coach to guide us through the process and be there for us when we need them to be.


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Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead.