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I Want to Help You Create The Life You Love & The Life You Deserve

My name is Greg Burt. I am a retired Deputy District Director for the Department of Veteran Affairs managing over 73 VA Counseling Centers. I started my career as a Counseling Therapist providing individual, couples and group therapy. I am a U.S. Army veteran who served as a Medical Officer. I am also a Disabled Combat Veteran who served in Iraq. I have been happily married for 30 years and 4 boys. I started Power to Heal -Relationships after retiring because for over 30 years I have develop a passion for helping people solve problems. I am a Certified Professional Life and Mental Health Coach. I specialize in Relationship and Behavioral Health Coaching. As relationship coach I help men who are wanting to save their marriage and figure out why they continue to make poor decisions. I also help men who are going through a divorce deal with their emotions and teach them how to create a roadmap for success in their next relationship or marriage. Lastly, I coached football and basketball coach for over 20 years. I help teens and young men who are dealing with low self-worth and the pressures of this world find happiness and value in themselves to reach their full potential.

My Approach

I take a collaborative approach to support and challenge my clients toward growth and change. Sessions with me tend to be relaxed and conversational, rather than clinical and rigid. My approach is not to focus solely on the symptoms, but to understand each person individually. I help my client navigate the complexity that comes with being a spiritual being having a human experience. Understanding that our experiences can heavily impact how we feel about ourselves, others and the world around us. By understanding how we have being conditioned by our beliefs and how our past experiences has shaped us, we are able to overcome obstacles and move forward from a place of empowerment.

" Success Isn’t About The End Result, It’s About What You Learn Along The Way"

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Why Choose Me?

There are over 73,000 Life Coaches working in the U.S. today.  I know I am one of the best because I specialize in helping people solve everyday problems.  I help you stay focus on the goals you are trying to reach right now.  I help the stuck get unstuck and lead productive lives.  I offer an evidence-based approach to my Mental Health and Life Coaching practice that has shown to be successful in building individual courage and help with decreasing and overcoming fear and anxiety.